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Caster for Mac Review

Developer: Elecorn

Price: $4.99 (£2.99)

Description: A Creative Over-The-Top Third-Person Shooter

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Pros: Brilliant gameplay, great progression

Cons: Dated graphics

Advised Control Method: Right-Click Mouse Recomended


If you just took a wild glance at Caster you might see a game that looks promising but rough around the edges. Why? Because of the jagged models, low-res textures and generally bland graphics overall, especially in the landscape. However, despite this Caster manages to be one of the most fun, addictive and totally enjoyable games out there and makes the point that graphics aren’t everything.

You play as a Caster which is some sort of super-human kid with awesome powers. However, you don’t start off that way. Instead you begin as a protagonist new to the world of the Casters with a small jump, short sprint and very simple blue laser blaster. However, all good things come with experience. As you complete each level you gain credits which you can spend in the shop to upgrade all of your abilities and soon you will be able to jump miles into the air, sprint across water, up walls and take advantage of amazing weapons which will blow you away as much as the enemies you are facing.

What Caster does best (especially in the later levels) is make you feel like a superhero. While there are no damsels in distress to save or secret evil plans to destroy, Caster does a brilliant job at stroking your ego as you jump way up into the air, land with a massive thud that makes a dent in the ground, blast a whole wave of enemies with your homing missiles and then zoom right back off again. The more you progress, you more you will fall in love with Caster.

Caster also features ‘massive terrain deformation’. I know that may sound more of a marketing tool than something that actually changes the title’s gameplay, but it isn’t. It really does do what it says on the tin. Weapons you acquire have certain properties and these might enable you to alter the ground beneath your feet. Whether it be using the green blaster to create a gaping crater in the ground or using the grey one to create a mountain, it really is that simple and ridiculously well done and it is something you have to see to believe (gameplay video recommended). Be sure though, by the end of an intense battle you will look back at the deformed landscape in awe of the destruction you have caused.

Caster’s graphics are the only thing that let it down. As mentioned, if you saw Caster on the shop shelf you would probably pass it over just because of its presentation which does not stand up to what we expect in modern titles these days. There are also a few graphical glitches and camera problems which crop up time-to-time. But the truth is that Caster’s graphics don’t hinder its gameplay. Caster is unbelievably fun despite its flaws.

Caster includes 2 level packs and a couple of community created levels (which are insane!). Yet after completing the whole game I want more. Thankfully, the developers have promised free updates with new levels and hopefully more community levels, so you can be sure that the content will keep coming. But even then, there is still so much that can be done with the Caster universe. Multiplayer would be phenomenal, a level editor would be brilliant. The possibilities are endless. Evermore, Caster is one of the most enjoyable games I have played in a long time. It is devilishly simple concept hits the mark perfectly in terms of gameplay and shows the TPS world how it should be done. If you want a good time, get Caster now.

Gameplay Video

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