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Cogs for Mac Review

Developer: Chillingo

Price: $4.99 (£2.99) – on sale

Description: A Creative Tile-Rearrangement Puzzler

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Pros: Brilliant presentation, creative level design, challenging, steam punk theme.

Cons: Low resolution because of upscale from iPhone.

Advised Control Method: Mouse with right click (trackpad not recommended)


Cogs puts you in the shoes of a creative inventor, and is complete with crazy contraptions, complicated puzzles and a beautiful presentation right down to the menus. It is a shame that the developers did not take the time needed to upscale this brilliant puzzler from the iPhone to the bigger mac screen which is its only major flaw.

Cogs isn’t just another tile-mover puzzler. It comes wrapped in a well-designed theme that fits so well with the game’s premise. In each level you are given an objective. Normally these objectives involve you making something from a jumbled mess of pipes and cogs. Much like those plastic toys where you had to rearrange the tiles so that it formed a picture, Cogs follows on from that, as you need to rearrange the cogs or pipes on the object to make the contraption work.

This is such a brilliant concept and it is executed beautifully. You really get that steam-punk feel, especially in the menus.

The puzzles themselves range from being deceptively easy to challengingly hard, and I especially like the levels where the solution is not obvious at first glance. The variety of contraptions that you do make range from a complex space rocket to a much more simple tricycle and I can’t help getting the same feeling I had when messing around with Meccano, but instead you already have the pieces you just need to place them in the right place.

Even though I was a little disappointed that the whole game revolves around moving tiles, the developers have done tremendously well in designing and varying the levels so that they never get boring, despite the same basic gameplay.

Cogs comes with a lot of content as well. Along with the 50+ levels and 2 game modes, each level is ranked on how well you do in terms of time and number of moves, so you are going to spend a while getting better scores on each level as well.

And now we come to the only downside of Cogs. The resolution. Even if you didn’t know that Cogs originated on the iPhone and iPod Touch, you could still tell. The game’s upscale has been done really badly and even though the game is still playable, it puts a dampener on the whole experience.

I really, really want to give Cogs a 5/5, because it deserves it. But the game falls at the last, and easiest, hurdle; its execution on the Mac, and till that issue is fixed it is staying a solid 4.

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