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Sunday Off: Top 5 Gameloft iOS Games That Should be Ported to Mac

Published on July 31, 2011, by in All, Sunday Off.

Gameloft have built up a reputation of porting their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad games over to the Mac with varying success. Whereas N.O.V.A 2 and Modern Combat have fared well on the Mac App Store with great online play and suitable control mechanics, Fast Five The Movie: Official Game fell flat on its face when it came to the Mac. But like they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea and there are darn well plenty more Gameloft games the company could port. So we’ve looked at Gameloft’s offerings on the iPhone and picked our top ten games that Gameloft should port, not only for their graphics and gameplay, but also because of their Mac congruency.

Heres’ our top 10:

5) Blokus

Board games are a perfect example of how porting a game over to Mac can benefit the game tenfold. If implemented well, board games such as Blokus will really appreciate the bigger screen (so you can see the whole board in detail) and of course a mouse to control and move pieces. Blokus involves a grid where you must place Tetris-like blocks on it to block other from moving opponents. However, you can only place a piece as long as one of its faces is touching another one of your blocks. The winner is the player who places the most pieces before all of the available space runs out. Binding strategy and simplicity together makes it a board game for everyone, it would be a perfect fit for the Mac, especially if online multiplayer is thrown in there as well.

4) Star Battalion

Now let’s move into the more exciting stuff. Star Battalion is a spaceship combat shooter – completely different to what Gameloft have experimented with before – and follows a pilot of the militaristic Royalists. Probably one of the most interesting features of Star Battalion is that you can invite a friend to play as your wingman in the campaign. Boasting a deep storyline and complex characters, maybe this will be the space opera that will keep us busy till Galaxy on Fire 2 comes out (see more here).

3) Shadow Guardian

From space to the midst of a tropical island. Yes, Gameloft have gone and cloned Uncharted and from the looks of it, it’s pretty good. With no Uncharted (or alternative) game on the Mac App Store at the moment, it’s a perfect time for Gameloft to port Shadow Guardian to Mac. It does boast some impressive graphical achievements as well as a large palette of environments to explore. As you discover secret tombs and treasures you’ll be fighting merciless mercenaries, undead foes and huge bosses. Hopefully if Gameloft work on upscaling the graphics then this could be a real hit if they ever get round to porting the game.

2) Gangstar: Miami Vindiaction

Moving away from blatant clones of established console titles.. or not. Gangstar: Miami Vindication is a free roam mission-based third person shooter where you run and gun through the distraught streets, bogs and back alleys of Miami. Remind you of anything? Sure enough, this is a blatant rip-off of Grand Theft Auto. But with no Rockstar in sight, Mac gamers would surely welcome this ambitious free roam title onto the Mac App Store (that’s until Rockstar get their arse in gear).

1) Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

This may not be one of Gameloft’s original titles – more of a PS2 port – it’s still an absolutely stunning game. If you own an iPod Touch or iPhone (preferably the latest generation) then get this game now. You play as the Prince of Persia. As he swings, wall runs, pole slides and much, much more you need to navigate him to get to an objective, no matter how high or how impossible it seems to be. The game’s only flaw on the touch screen is that the controls can be a bit temperamental. However, playing on the Mac will eliminate this problem. With a huge campaign and stunning graphics and sound this is easily my most anticipated Gameloft port if they ever get round to doing it.

If Gameloft is reading this then please, please port these brilliant games to Mac. Fingers crossed for a result.