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You Should Probably Give Uberstrike HD a Download – It’s Free!

Published on October 10, 2011, by in All, News.

If you have not already noticed, a new game has hit the number one free spot this week and it’s Uberstrike. Originally a paid game, Uberstrike is a multiplayer FPS inspired by COD or Modern Combat with some luxuriously bright visuals and gameplay that isn’t too shoddy.

When you start Uberstrike for the first time, you have the option to play matches against AI opponents. These serve the purpose of making you seem like the best player in the world, purely because the AI in Uberstrike is rubbish.

But it’s when you stroll into the online lobby with the preconception that you own the place that you begin to realise how far you really have to go, and how darn addicting Uberstrike is. Even though you will die, a lot, the crazy level designs keep you coming back for more. The combat is solid. You start off with the assault rifle with which you can look down the sights with, and you can also pick up other weapons in the environment. Surprisingly, the game doesn’t feel too unbalanced and even though death is frequent, you begin to see yourself improve right from the off.

The real question is though; what’s the catch? This is a free game, how do the developers make their money? The answer. I have no idea. There’s a gun shop system where points that you earn whilst pulling the trigger goes towards new guns and armour. However, you can only rent guns that will help you in battle from 1 – 90 days which gives a continuing incentive to keep on playing. However, there isn’t any monetisation here. Apple doesn’t allow In-App Purchases on the Mac App Store so there’s no way for the developer to make money whilst still keeping the game free.

Although we like to see great games go free, we also appreciate the hard work that has gone into them. We don’t like seeing developers go hungry. Of course, UberStrike HD may only be free for a limited time to build hype, so download this creative FPS as soon as you can before the price is jacked up.

UberStrike HD on the Mac App Store

  • Benjamin @ Cmune

    Thanks for your kind review!
    Benjamin @ Cmune (makers of Uberstrike) here-Uberstrike is also on Facebook ( – Facebook’s #1 FPS with over 800,000 players) and our very own portal The game is cross platform, which means the App players battle against FB and portal users too.We are planning to add in-game purchases in the Mac App but it’s a bit of work, on top of everything else we do, so we thought: let’s give the game for free first!

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    Wow! its great to know about UberStrike and also that it is a multiplayer FPS I don’t know anything  about it but thanks for sharing after hearing that its free I’m excited about it and definitely gonna play this one.

  • Uberstrike

    Cool vid. i love uberstrike

  • Farel Creed

    Gosh…..It’s cool but i use windows!!! :(

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  • bk hudas

    how to dawnload uberstrike hd on pc?